Thursday, September 14, 2006 Spam

I recently created a myspace page simply to keep anyone else from getting it. Naturally I got a spam message within a month. Thanks to the investigative work of the Secchi Disk , Megan, Jen, Maria, Jessica, Mellanie, and Linda are not real people. I learnt the easy way (googling) that they are not interested in you and do not think that you are cute.
the following webpage is intentionally made not a link, its there just to get hits from people searching but please don't go to their website and don't even think of signing up lest we encourage these heinous crimes.

The evil spam message from "Megan" (may we blaspheme here name).

So, looks like the time has arrived for me to start using this site. I can resist no more! I took a look at your page and well, I liked what I saw.. :p

So.. ya :) my name is Megan. I think we should probably be friends, cause you seem pretty nice, and maybe even cute! (it's everso tough to tell in this digital world :)

anyway, i'd go on and on, but I want to get a response from you.. You should check out my other page on this other site, I'm always on over there: (my username is hotmicky). Then maybe we could chat sometime! you know what they say.. appearance wins over the eyes, but personality catches the heart.. haha..

take care,



Blogger notElon said...

Ha excellent. This is now google's top hit for

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want spams:

3:58 PM  

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